Cold Plate Checklist

Liquid cold plates provide localised cooling of power electronics through transfer of heat into the liquid.

They are designed such that the flow of liquid through them moves close to the heat dissipating components removing the heat and taking it back to a chiller or liquid to air heat exchanger.

To help us with your design please complete as much of the Liquid cold plates checklist below as possible:


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    Coolant Inlet Temperature [°C]

    Max. Coolant Temp. Rise [°C]

    Max. Surface Temperature [°C]

    Cold Plate Op. Pressure [bar]

    Burst Pressure Limit [bar]

    Max. Pressure Drop [bar]

    Cold Plate Body Material

    Preferred Cold Plate Type

    Protective Coating Required

    Preferred Connector Thread

    Connectors Required

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    Please describe the position of the Heat Sources

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