Peltier Assemblies

Thermoelectric coolers: Assemblies

Wide range of standard and custom assemblies, air to air, air to solid, liquid to air, etc. from 30 to 500 watts.

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TE Assemblies: Air to air

Air to air heat exchangers from 32 to 250 watts used to provide cooling by convection.

TE Assemblies: Air to block

Air to block heat exchangers with natural or forced air convection from 32 to 250 watts used to provide cooling by conduction.

TE Assemblies: Liquid to block

Liquid to block heat exchangers using fluid to remove waste heat from TEC. 35 to 320 watts to provide cooling by conduction.

TE Assemblies: Air to Liquid

Air to liquid heat exchangers provides precise liquid cooling with forced air convection to remove waste heat.

TE Assemblies: Liquid to Liquid

Liquid to liquid heat exchangers. 500 watts cooling power to provide below ambient or precise control of liquid temperature.

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