Thermoelectric Coolers or Peltier Devices

Standard or custom made

cTech offer a wide range of high quality, competitively priced thermoelectric coolers or Peltier devices from a world leading manufacturer, Ferrotec.

Our range of modules include:

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Long Life for Thermal Cycling

Specifically designed for temperature cycling applications. Significantly longer thermal cycling operational life.

Standard Peltier Coolers

Thermal Management Solutions

Suitable for a wide range of cooling and heating applications with low to high heat pumping capacities.

Deep Cooling Multistage Peltier Coolers

Provide significantly higher temperature differentials than are obtainable with standard single-stage modules.

Telecom Grade Miniature Peltier Coolers

Suitable for various cooling and heating applications where a small footprint or a small amount of heat is involved. Typical applications for these specialised TECs include laser diode cooling, infrared systems, electro-optics and other low-wattage applications. 20 series modules have been tested to Telcordia GR.

High-Power Peltier Coolers

Thermal Management Solutions

Designed to maximize heat pumping capacity. By increasing cooling capacities and efficiencies in a standard thermoelectric cooler footprint.

Custom Peltier Coolers

thermoelectric coolers

Ferrotec can offer either small modifications to standard modules (such as custom wire leads, sealed modules etc.) or completely custom designed modules in terms of size, shape, performance, substrate materials or metallization.

Special Design Peltier Coolers

For applications requiring round centre hole and multi hole designs.

Sealing Options

Silicone – Effective moisture barrier.
Polymer – Ultimate corrosion Resistance.
Epoxy – Standard moisture protection.

Peltier Assemblies

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Bringing cooling technologies to you

cTech provides thermal management products into demanding markets and applications. We have a range of passive and active cooling solutions to suit most requirements. We can provide advice, consultancy, custom and standard solutions. Read More >

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