Heatpipe Thermal Solutions


Thermacore design, prototype and manufacture heatpipe thermal solutions and heat pipe assemblies.

  • Two-phase heat transfer device
  • extremely high “effective” thermal conductivity.


heat pipe1

  • Sintered wick pipes.
  • Very high capilary power.
  • Works against gravity



heat pipes

  • Mesh wick
  • High power for a given diameter pipe,
  • Needs gravity



heat pipes

  • Grooved” heat pipes
  • Light weight, aluminum pipes
  • Space applications



Heat pipes transport heat from one end of the pipe to the other. This can be used to

  1. Take heat to a finstack
  2. Reduce the spreading resistance in the base of a heat sink


Heat pipe/Finstack assemblies


Finstack assemblies

  • Higher density of fins possible with cassette designs offering easy assembly
  • Fin cassettes are mechanically fixed making it easier to handle in production
  • Less material means less weight
  • Flexible pitching and fin sizes, optimised to air flow



Heat pipe enhanced heat sinks


Finstack assemblies

  • Optimised fin pitching for maximum airside performance
  • Specially designed capture features to enable good heat pipe to heat sink contact
  • Compliant with military and medical specifications
  • Added value operations, helicoil insertion, plating, mounting components etc



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cTech is the partner for Thermacore in the UK and Ireland.